Thursday, May 30, 2013

slow & sweet.

yesterday, during one of brielle's very unpredictable naps, i found myself in the kitchen frantically unloading the dishwasher, putting away groceries and sweeping the floors. it's always a race against time when i want to do something productive. i'm always awaiting my buzzer to go off, for my turn to be over.

tucked away in the corner of our counter, i spotted the thrifted vintage pitcher i got a couple weeks prior. i hastily walked over to put it in it's new home in our cabinet, when i stopped for a moment. it was just too pretty to hide behind a cheese grater and ice cream dishes. so i grabbed a pot, began filling it with water, and went to retrieve the tea bags out of the pantry. then i stopped again. my memory raced back to the summers of my childhood. playing in the front yard, writing with chalk on the sidewalk, all while my mom's pitcher of tea sat brewing in the sun. i loved that tea. i loved the whole process. i can't even really remember why. it's not exciting by any means, but i remember it and i remember loving it. so i poured out the water, put away the pot, loaded up the pitcher and took it out to the backyard. i placed it in the sun and sat there for a moment. i began to feel nostalgic. i allowed myself to venture back to the sweetness and simplicity of letting tea brew in the sun. gatsby trotted over to me, licked my cheek, then plopped on my lap and moaned. i scratched his belly and kissed the top of his head. the quiet felt good and familiar.

after a few more moments in the sun, i lazily walked back into the house to check on brielle. she remained dreaming on the crisp white sheets. her long legs stretched out. i smiled at the rolls in them. my chunky girl. she has acquired so many more rolls since the day she became ours. i suddenly became nostalgic again. not for my childhood, but for brielle's. time is already fleeting fast. our precious babe is blooming quickly. we are rapidly approaching the 3 month mark, and my heart is already mourning her infancy. every day, every milestone is bittersweet. she is such a little person already. so silly, and strong, and soooo independent. i'm loving every moment of it. i love seeing her grow. but i miss yesterday, i miss last month, i miss march 9th. our big girl likes to be held facing the world now. she fusses and squirms when i try to hold her like a baby, in the crook of my arm, where she spent the first weeks of her life. i find myself constantly awaiting her next feeding. that's when we get to slow down time. she finds her old familiar place in that crook, and we are both still. skin to skin. i can sit and enjoy the fact that for now, God has blessed me with the job of being her source of nourishment. no green beans or sweet peas. just mama, helping her grow. and sometimes, when i feel her body soften and her chubby cheek squish on my shoulder, i delay putting her down to nap. the dishes can wait five more minutes. i just want to hoard every sweet moment while they are here.

as much as i am grasping on to her youth, i am excited for her future. i am excited to adventure with her and make memories for her to keep. i am excited to help her create a childhood to be nostalgic for. but for now, i want to do life slowly. i want to let the tea brew in the sun. maybe one day, when life is hectic and brielle has a home and a husband and a baby of her own, she will remember the long hot summer days, writing with chalk on the sidewalk, and waiting for that tea. maybe then, she too will choose to do life slowly.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Last week, one of my favorite blogs, Little Baby Garvin, posted her entire day in pictures. I thought it was the most brilliant idea. It's so much more exciting to see what people are up to, rather than just reading about it. So, I thought I would join in on the fun. I'm going to try to make this a monthly thing. 1. So we can look back and see how Brielle and our daily life develops from month to month and 2. To motivate me to use the fancy camera our parents bought us for Christmas, which I (clearly) still don't know how to use correctly. I obviously didn't take a picture of everything we did, but I tried to get the highlights :) oh... and i was really bad and carrying the big bulky camera around everywhere, so some of these are just with my phone.

rise and shine! on this particular morning Brielle slept until 8:30. praise jesus. 

sometimes after her 5am feeding (the only time she wakes up at night) i am guilty of sneaking her into bed with us. this was one of those mornings. and of course, she had broken out of her swaddle. oh, hey gatsby. 

time to change the diaper that weighs 75lbs and get out of jammies. 

after brie is dressed and ready, she is nice enough to sit and wait for me to do the same. 

we had a starbucks date with the lovely sarah walker, and right when i was heading over, beautiful rhea billingsley asked if we wanted to meet her and the ever so handsome drew cohen for starbucks. so brielle and i got to drink coffee and eat breakfast with two of our most favorite mommies! we're the luckiest. 

such a proud & pretty mama.

sarah's first snuggles with mr. drew

as always, brielle was the life of the party. (she woke up later and got sarah snuggles. i forgot to capture it, obvi) 

then monica joined us on her break! she is going to be a mama in october. so exciting! we can't wait to meet her sweet boy. 

everyone needs drew snuggles. 

once we got home, brielle was ready for some lunch. 

after she refueled, she was happy...

and ready to play. 

as much as I wish playtime could last forever, there was this to deal with. 

brielle was supposed to be taking a nap, but she decided to stay up and help me. sweet girl. 

luckily brie crapped her diaper, and saved me from laundry. of course, gatsby came with us. 

she is always sooo happy, hanging out on her changing pad. oh btw, we aren't ghetto. brielle usually has a changing pad cover on, but she peed all over it, so receiving blanket it is :) 

hey pretty girl, 


then it was time to grocery shop! it was the first trip we had made just the two of us. it was obviously very successful. 

since it was past 2pm at this point, i decided i should eat some lunch. 

after lunch, brielle was still asleep, so i figured i should tackle this. 

after a while I realized that salad was worthless so i made some waffles. 

and gatsby judged me. 

for the next feeding we made our way into the guest room where it's dark and cool. gats brought his toy, just in case. (she obviously eats more than twice a day, but i didn't know how much unique shots i could get without flashing everyone.)

gastby eventually talked us into going outside with him. he asked if he could go swimming. i said no...

he was pissed. 

jake was home sick, so brielle got to snuggle with him as he worked from the couch. 

beige explosion, i know. we are on a mad hunt to purchase an area rug, but have yet to find "the one"....that doesn't cost $500

gatsby always thinks the tummy time blanket is an open invitation to make himself comfy.

eventually he let her do her thing. 

proof that i don't only feed her twice a day. those cheeks! 

then it was time to make dinner. we had burgers with harris ranch patties ( corn on the cob and chili beans. 

after dinner, it's bath time. every night, gatsby begs me to let him get in as i fill up brielle's tub. 

jake's job is always to strip her down. this is a very serious job. she is known to spray poop everywhere the moment her diaper is taken off. 

gatsby impatiently waiting. 

the scariest walk known to man. from the nursery to the bathroom with a naked baby. notice the butt cup. nice work, yeager. 

she made it! bathtime is always a whole family affair. 

brielle is so embarrassed everyone gets to see her naked. 

give the girl some privacy, bro! 

after bath time i went into our room to put my jammies on and realized i never finished the laundry. i said screw it, and put it back into the basket. american idol was on. 

american idol night always means homemade popcorn and coke. and we drink from our "fancy" cups. 

brielle was asleep and gatsby was ready to do what he does best. 


see you next month. <3