Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hello, blog world! I've missed you madly! (Karissa here, in case you don't recognize me.) After a long hiatus, I HAVE RETURNED! Except this time with my old ball and chain (see below)

After a month of trying to get access to my old blog (karissaelise.blogspot.com) I was FINALLY able to log in. Then riiiigggghhhtt when I was about to publish a WhatI'veBeenUpTo post, I remembered the new roomie and I had came up with the idea to have a trendy joint married people's blog to keep our family and friends up to date/document all of our fun adventures/get famous!! (50% kidding on the last part) 

So stay tuned, and be patient as we try to get this baby up and running. You will typically be hearing from both of us, but since grades are due tomorrow....i think....the Mr. is preoccupied and I get to do all the talking, which I love! :) Until next time, here is a precious wedding picture to make your heart swell! 

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