Friday, June 28, 2013

emotional late night ramblings.

brielle is quickly approaching the 4 month mark, and i just can't believe it. it feels like she just became ours, and it feels like she's been ours forever.
i love her so much.
i love her so much it really truly hurts.
sometimes i just cry at the thought of her.
happy tears because she's the purest and most beautiful person i know. sad tears because she's growing too quickly.
i want to share her with everybody and keep her all to myself. i want to see her as a big girl and relive her first days. i want to snuggle and play. i want to kiss kiss kiss.
i desperately want to bottle her up. i want to remember how soft the inside of her hands are. how cool her cheeks feel against my lips. how sweetly she looks at me as she eats. its like she's thanking me for the gift i'm giving her.
sometimes i look back on the day and realize that all i did was watched her and tickled her and kissed her and held her close.
those are the best days of all.


  1. I understand everything you're feeling. You said it perfectly Mama. :)

  2. LOVE this post. I completely agree with everything you said (and totally teared up while reading). Babies are the sweetest gift.