Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday, Gatsby!

Happy 1st birthday to the most silly, sweet, naughty, hungry, playful, cuddly, talkative, loyal, hilarious, human-like puppy around. He has brought so much joy (and frustration) to our little family, and we can't picture life before or without him. We love his countless quirks, like how he sits on the perch of the couch like a cat, and how he swims in December. How he has no boundaries when trying to get comfortable, and how he has to lick somebody's legs after every time he gets a drink of water. How he can't hear the word 'hungry' without running to his food bowl, and how we are fairly certain he is a dwarf. I know that in six short weeks we will have a real baby to love, and kiss, and cuddle, but Gatsby will always be our little guy, our first baby, and the best big brother Brielle could ever have.


  1. your dog is too cute! i tried to follow but i cant find the button to follow through blogger. :)

  2. Thank you! Not sure why my blogger follow button isn't there. I added a Join This Site one, though! :)