Friday, February 1, 2013

Good Morning, Brielle.

Good morning, Brielle.
      It's February, which means you could very well be in our arms by the time this month ends. Judging by the way you made me feel last night, I wouldn't be surprised. I'm so ready to meet you. Your dad is bubbling with joy. Big brother Gatsby is enjoying his last days using my belly as his pillow. Every night after we pray we talk about you and wonder what you'll be. It goes without saying that your eyes will squint when you smile, but everything about you remains a mystery. And it's still a mystery why God granted us a miracle as great as you. We will never be worthy. But we accept that mystery and your miraculous life. Carrying you has been an honor, and I will soak up these last few weeks as you wiggle and grow inside of me. We love you.

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