Thursday, August 23, 2012

13 weeks

Excuse the line going through the picture this week. We are still trying to figure out the best place to take the pictures, and of course I wait until the very last minute to actually do them. Oh well.      
How far along? 13 weeks. well 13 plus a few days, but who's counting? :)
Baby is the size of: A peach! Which seems so big/delicious. 
Total weight gain: yeah, I was right last time. definitely have gained about 4 lbs. My dr. was happy with it, though, so thats good!
Maternity clothes? Nope. I'm wearing these skinny jeans until I have to be cut out of them.  
Stretch marks?   Negative. I'm still rubbing on that cream, though! 
Sleep: Great! I got my Snoogle. Omg. How did I ever sleep without it? 
Best moment this week: Went in for our monthly appointment expecting just to hear the heartbeat. I took my mom since I didn't want Jake to get a sub if we weren't getting an ultrasound. My nurse practitioner put jelly on the Doppler, went to turn it on, and it was out of batteries. Instead of simply switching them out, she took us across the hall to get an ultrasound so my mom could see the little stinker. So amazing. I LOVE MY DOCTOR. And I love my precious baby even more. It was so nice to see something that looks like a human! :)  

Miss Anything? A margarita with a salted rim. I didn't even like alcohol this before I was pregnant.   
Movement: Can't feel it yet, but I swear I have a ballerina/ballerino in there. Poor little thing was trying to sleep until my big mouth laughed to hard. He/She totally jumped and stretched his/her arms and legs out. Then there was no going back. The worm, robot, sprinkler. You name it, the baby was doing it. 
Food cravings: Still fruit and anything fruit related. I contemplated sticking a spoon in Grandma Johnnie's homemade pomegranate jelly the other day. But also Fatte's lunch specials, which is so gross. I've been in there more these past 2 weeks than I have been since freshman year of high school. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Frothy toothpaste and raw red meat. 
Gender: Our appointment is officially scheduled for the 22nd! I go back and forth, but I'm still leaning towards girl. I had another girl dream this week, and actually saw her face, which is weird. 

Labor Signs: No, obvi. 
Symptoms: Peeing more and out of breath a bit easier than normal. I started teaching the drama students a dance today, and it took everything in me to not act like I was about to pass out haha  
Belly Button in or out? in
Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty freaking happy! A little irritable towards Jake at inappropriate moments, but that's kinda a given. Poor guy.  
Looking forward to: Filling out more, so people don't question whether or not I'm just finally getting chubbier. AND getting stuff together for our gender reveal party.  

Before he/she was rudely awoken. 

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