Thursday, February 21, 2013


eight days until B's due date. 8. that's all. almost exactly eight months ago i took a test that changed our lives forever.

it's been a heck of a ride. this pregnancy has been the biggest blessing. hardly any sickness. limited mood swings (though jake might have a different perspective). besides all that craziness at the beginning, everything has been pretty textbook.

even now, while i am more than ready to have this sweet girl in my arms, i feel far from miserable. so here i sit, nearly 39 weeks pregnant. i'm in the final stretch.

i couldn't be more excited.

i am so anxious to kiss her lips, to squeeze her thighs, to dress her in all the ridiculously adorable clothes hanging in her closet. i can't wait to teach her to dance, to braid her hair, to make her giggle. i'm just eager to love her. to watch her dad love her. to watch God love her. she is already so loved, so blessed, so precious.

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