Friday, February 22, 2013

he's just a freaking dog.

but he's not.

the other night jake and i were snuggled on the couch with our sweet chocolate boy plopped right in the middle. for a couple months now we have been teasing Gatsby about how he better soak up his time. (see. i'm already being a freak. teasing him. like he understands.)

but anyways, on this particular night i must have had some extra hormones zipping through my body because when jake made a comment to Gats about having two more weeks as our baby, i started to cry. real tears, people. so dumb. that's when i realized it.

"jake. how the heck are we going to have another baby after Brielle?"

it's no secret that jake and i want babies, lots of them. our plan has been to have them close together. i want them to be buddies, and i figure i might as well keep changing diapers while i'm used to changing diapers. but there i was crying because i felt guilty...over a dog.

but he's just so sweet and silly. i know it sounds ridiculous, but he has made our life so so full. we could barely go an hour in hawaii without making a comment about how we wished he was there. last monday we were out of town for an appointment, and halfway home we had a legitimate discussion about how we couldn't wait to see him and rub his little belly. it's insane. we are insane.

so now i'm on the couch, with Gatsby's head on his favorite spot, my belly, trying to soak up these last days of giving my boy my full attention. i know that once she is here my priorities will shift. i most likely won't cry guilty tears about replacing a dog. and i know that Gatsby probably won't care too much either. as long as he has a full tummy and gets to sleep under the covers, he is pretty happy.

we just love that goofy boy. i hope he remembers that at least on February 22, 2012 at 11:38am, he was so much more than just a dog.

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